Surgical services at Equine Services involve a wide variety of surgical techniques and procedures.  The surgical suite has sterilized air from our laminar flow electrostatically sterilization air flow system.  The surgical suite encompasses all modern surgical equipment and techniques including colic surgery, arthroscopic surgery, reproductive surgery, respiratory surgery, orthopedic procedures, dental and ocular surgery.  A brief description is listed below:

Orthopedics: Capabilities range from periosteal stripping to tail fusion.  Surgical capabilities are augmented by top notch diagnostic imaging.  An exact diagnosis aids in surgical treatment and successful return to function. 

Orthopedic implants: Fracture repair and numerous orthopedic procedures such as joint fusion, bone plating techniques, leg growth deviation correction, and angular defects of legs are routine procedures.

Soft tissue orthopedics: Procedures for contracted tendons such as superior and inferior check ligaments as well as surgery for contracted legs is common in young foals.  Other procedures performed include suspensory ligament fasciotomy, medial patellar ligament fenestration, stringhault, medial release of the semitendinosis (hamstring), among others.

Arthroscopy: A mainstay for treatment of joint disorders including bone chips, fractures, osteochondral (OCD) defects, and soft tissue joint injury. 

Colic (Abdominal exploratory): Explore and correct various causes of colic.