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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

             Equine Services is proud to offer our clients magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).  Our MRI is the only on in Kentucky that can image from the foot all the way to the stifle.  Routine imaging of the full equine adult stifle gives unparalleled information concerning this complex joint of bone and soft tissue.  The MRI cross-sectional imaging is superior in that its tissue contrast (bone and soft tissue) allows for extreme anatomic definition.  Its ability to also demonstrate physiologic conditions allow early detection of conditions such as subchontral and intramedullary stress.  MRI can diagnose cartilaginous damage far before any other modality allowing for early and aggressive disease intervention techniques.  MRI is the gold standard for evaluation of the navicular bone and ligaments within the equine foot.  MRI also has a tremendous benefit for examination and diagnosis of neurological issues with the brain, eye and neck. 

 All MRI exams are analyzed with a report from a board certified radiologist. 

              Equine Services has developed the 3-D blood flow evaluation of vascular supply to devitalized areas especially useful with prognosis in laminitic events.