Reproduction is possibly the most important area of veterinary medicine.  The mare and stallions of specific breeds carry the hopes and dreams of the associated breed disciplines.  The advances in reproductive assistance have helped to assure that those dreams can be realized. 

Equine Services offers reproductive assistance in many forms.  Stallion collection, evaluation and processing for both fresh cooled and frozen semen. We store frozen semen and ship both fresh cooled and frozen semen.  Reproductive soundness exams for mares through uterine ultrasonography, endoscopy, biopsy and culture are tools which can prepare the mare for optimal breeding capabilities.  Possible treatments for breeding unsoundness include laser hysteroscopy, endometrial cyst ablation and tubal patency technique.  Embryo transfer is available in the event that a mare is either unable to carry a foal to term, multiple foals are desired in the same season or if the mare prefers to be a working mother.  We have a large recipient mare herd for embryo transfer.  We also offer in-foal mare management with a fully staffed maternity facility affording 24/7 monitoring and on-site medical staff.

Equine Services is pleased to announce it's affiliation with Select Breeders Services. The SBS Affiliate Laboratory Program is designed to deliver world-class quality frozen semen services. This partnership assures quality control, technology, training and support from the most trusted name in the industry and is essential for reproductive success. See website for more information about Select Breeders Services 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding equine reproduction.  We look forward to working with our clients to help produce the next generation of the horses they love.

See our foal care/foaling page for specific information regarding our neonatal care.